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In May, 2015, Denver voters made the choice to elect an auditor
who is professional, qualified, and free of conflicts of interest.
It has been an honor to serve the citizens of Denver as Denver City Auditor.
I look forward to your continued support and confidence in me
as we move into our re-election campaign.


Auditor O'Brien oath

Timothy M. O'Brien, CPA left, is officially sworn in as Denver City Auditor by the Honorable John Marcucci, right, with his wife, Mary Frances Kelley, by his side in Denver, Colorado on July 20, 2015.

May, 2015


The Denver Post headline on May 6:  “Surprises Seen in Auditor’s Race and District 1”.

The Denver Post also wrote that “observers say down ballot election results signal an unmistakable appetite for new approaches”.

Our Campaign
Our  volunteers  walked the city.  We touched 20,000 door steps.  We met you, the citizens of Denver, in your homes, at neighborhood association meetings, forums, and debates.  You invited us to your community celebrations, and we shared serious conversations about what Denver will look like in the future.

We talked. We shared our concerns, and we found that your ideals and our ideals were the same.  You asked tough questions, and on May 5th, you told me that you liked my answers.  You want a professional, qualified, experienced Auditor, free of conflicts of interest.

I am grateful and humbled by your decision.  I sincerely thank you for your vote, a very precious gift.

There have been many words in this campaign.  Now it is time to put those words into action.  Thank you for your continued confidence in me.  I won’t let you down.


Qualified    Experienced    Independent

Welcome to my web site.  I am a candidate for re-election to the position of Denver City Auditor. This is an important position and I am the right person to perform these duties.

The Denver City Auditor's Office should be an agent of public accountability.  It should provide essential accountability, oversight, transparency, and meaningful information regarding the City and County of Denver's activities. Audit reports should provide information to the Mayor, the City Council, and the citizens of Denver concerning how funds are used and if they are used in accordance with our city ordinances. The current Auditor's office does not provide us such information.  Currently, numerous challenges face Denver and the services provided to us as citizens.  Proper oversight based on effective auditing is more critical than ever. In order to evaluate policies and programs in Denver, we need to know the facts.

As Colorado State Auditor for more than 11 years, I produced over 750 audit reports that improved government operations involving matters from education, to transportation, economic development, the environment, and virtually all major aspects of government.  These audits identified savings in excess of $200,000,000.  The audits provided an objective analysis and information needed to make the decisions necessary to help create a better future.  There is no such function in Denver.  I am committed to professionalizing the Denver Auditor's Office so that there is high-quality audit work performed with competence, integrity, objectivity, and independence.  As your Auditor I will help improve government operations and services. In order for the Denver Auditor's Office to perform such a needed service the City Auditor must be qualified, experienced, and independent.  I am that person.

I led the Colorado State Auditor's Office to prominence.
I want to continue as your Denver City Auditor, making the
same transformation to the Denver City Auditor's Office.